Vaccine Detox

Millions of people globally are suffering from debilitating side effect from the “safe and effective” covid vaccine. Medical workers around the world are forbidden from saying anything negative about the shots – or even censored completely – despite them seeing first hand some of the devastating effects they have on people’s lives.

If you have been injured you feel alone in your suffering, check out some of the online groups where thousands of people are discussing their health problems as a result of the “safe and effective” injections. You are not alone. As you read this, millions of other people are suffering in silence.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups about vaccine reactions keep getting censored and removed, so it’s now very hard to find any remaining groups. Facebook (and Google) have investments in the poison, so don’t want people talking about all the problems the shots are causing.

Covid-19 Adverse Reactions
Side Effects (No Censoring)
Australian V A X Reactions
Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria After COVID-19 Vaccine Support Group
Covid-19 vaccine side effects group (Pfizer, Moderna, Astra, Johnson..)

Telegram Groups

Some of the following groups have duplicate names:

Covid Vaccine Injuries
Covid Vaccine Injuries
Covid Vaccine Injuries
Covid Vaccine Injuries
Covid Vaccine Injuries & Deaths
Covid Vaccine Injuries Chat
SG (Singapore) Suspected Vaccine Injuries Channel
วัคซีน Side Effects (Thai Language)

Please contact us if you know of other groups we should add to this list. Due to the extreme censorship currently taking place by those with Billions of dollars invested in vaccine companies (FB and Google/YouTube), many of these groups are being hidden from searches, so you can’t easily find them to join up.

Protocols for Detoxification

Due to the large number of people we know suffering from severe side effects after being injected, we have been consulting with several G.P.s, naturopaths (herbal doctors), and vaccine injury sufferers who have found ways to improve their situation; to put together a list of possible ways to improve the condition in people who are sick or injured after injecting the poisonous, experimental serum.

We are not ourselves registered medical doctors, so none of this can legally be called medical advice, but here is what has been helping some people who are suffering after taking the covid vaccine.

Supplements that have Shown Positive Effects in Detoxing the Vaccines

Below we will outline a list of vitamins, medicines, herbs and plants that medically trained professionals or those injured by vaccines have said have had a positive effect on their side effects. Much of this information we have gathered from our own group of friends, associates and contacts who are now battling with illness after taking the jab.


Ivermectin has shown itself not only to be extremely effective in helping people recover from covid, it also shows promise working as a prophylactic (preventative treatment) in less regular doses, aiding people in stopping contraction of the virus in the first place. In addition to this, early reports from many people (including some that we know personally) using Ivermectin to recover from lingering symptoms; such as loss of smell and taste, and people who are suffering – sometimes severe – side effects from the vaccines, suggest it can do wonders.

Using Ivermectin for Detoxing

Research from the FLCCC Doctors Alliance and many others doctor around the world, who have first hand experience taking Ivermectin as a preventative treatment and prescribing it to patients to help them recover from covid – and vaccine side effects faster – support the use of Ivermectin. It should always be taken in conjunction with zinc – the elemental type being ideal – however, if that is not easily accessible a high dose of regular zinc (500mg per day) will suffice. Due to pressure from the vaccine lobbyists Ivermectin can be hard to procure in some countries, however there are online stores such as FirstMedInc who can ship out Ivermectin (and Hydroxychloroquine, below) discreetly to customers anywhere in the world.


Another very beneficial medicine in the battle against covid is Hydroxychloroquine. This medicine was overlooked by many people in the early stages of the covid pandemic, due to it being promoted by the sitting US President at the time, Trump. Hydroxychloroquine is a synthetic version of Quinine, both of which work in a similar way as ionophores. This means they assist in the transport of zinc into the cells. For this reason it is important for you to take zinc in conjunction with HCQ, just as you should with Ivermectin. While Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine work in a similar was, there seems to be additional benefit from take both at once, always with high-dose zinc.

Other Zinc Ionophores

Other supplements that act as zinc ionophores in addtion to Hydroxychloroquine and Quinine, are Chloroquine, Quercetin, and EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate). All of these can be used in a similar way to HCQ, and also used in conjuction with them to offer possible additional benefit with zinc absorption. Hydroxychloroquine has been attacked by the mainstream media since mid 2020 and due to this is still considered by to be of no use in the battle against covid. This has proven to be false however, and many doctors are currently using and prescribing any and all of the above as a prophylactic treatment and for people suffering both from covid and vaccine side effects.


Taking Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, or any of the aforementioned zinc ionophores is of little use to anyone if their diet is lacking in zinc. It is recommended that a human adult take 100mg of elemental zinc in conjunction with the above medications, per daily dose. Elemental zinc makes up only a small percentage of regular zinc tablets (usually around 15%), so if you cannot find elemental zinc for same and can only access the regular type, keep this in mind when taking your dosage.

For recovery from vaccine injury, zinc is integral. It is almost always better however to absorb nutrients through real food, not only via supplementation, so modifying your diet (when you are not fasting – which is also a fast and effective way to assist with detoxing) to include more zinc rich foods is recommended.

Vitamin C

The benefits of vitamin C are well documented and have been studied extensively pre-covid. A very powerful antioxidant, vitamin C has been known to help patients with all sorts of severe and critical illnesses. It is an antioxidant and free radical scavenger that has anti-inflammatory properties, and also influences cellular immunity and vascular integrity.

Many doctors recommend a high daily dose of vitamin C to keep the immune system strong (5,000 to 10,000 mg per day). While it is not recommended to take over 10,000mg a day for a very long period, for the purposes of detoxing, a high dose for one month will help the body heal, after which, if vaccine side effects have subsided the dosage can be reduced.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is another very powerful anti-oxidant, which helps with the detoxing process. Most of us (even those who live in warmer climates) are lacking in vitamin D, due to living our lives mostly indoors. While there is nothing as good as getting a dose of sunshine induced Vitamin D – all over the body – if this is not easy or even possible for you, a high dose of Vitamin D in the form of a tablet or gel cap can supplement.

If you are able to purchase high-does Vitamin D, up to 60,000IU per day, take this for at least 2 weeks, but for no longer than a month. This should be enough to bring up your Vitamin D levels to an acceptable level, which will help your immune system and assist in the removal of toxins from the body. Note that many companies sell Vitamin D in very low amounts, e.g. 1000IU tablets, which is not ideal. Try to purchase a higher level of Vitamin D, so you don’t need to take so many tablets each day.

N-Acetylcysteine (NAC)

NAC as it’s commonly referred to, comes from the amino acid L-cysteine and is an antioxidant that is thought to have a role in fighting cancer. It is also something that helps to protect the body from EMF radiation, something that we are all exposed to in the form of 4G, 5G, WIFI and other frequency waves that surround us in today’s cities and towns. Many people who are though to have a covid infection have found relief by taking a 1200mg or higher dose a day, of NAC. There are suspicions from some that covid, or the symptoms of covid are actually a result of exposure to cell phone tower radiation, with 5G being installed at an alarming rate, all around the world.

Even if NAC doesn’t help with covid, but helps the immune system stay in shape by protecting it somewhat from EMF, it is still of benefit to supplement this to give ourselves the best chance possible to fight off other health ailments that might arise or be forced upon us by any untrustworthy adversary. It is safe to take and with no known side effects

Pine Needle Tea

According to Dr. Judy Mikovitz Ph.D who has been brave enough to speak out against the atrocities of the covid performance and propaganda from the very beginning, pine needles contain something called shikimic acid, which assists the body in detoxing the spike protein. Shikimic acid is present in many kinds of pine needles, but not all, and some are not suitable for consumption, so keep that in mind if foraging for pines in the wild. Pine needles are also very high in Vitamin C and other minerals which also help the body with the removal of toxins as mentioned above.

Shikimic acid is one of the key ingredients in Tamiflu, so it’s not surprising that pine needles have a beneficial effect against covid and the spike protein. Pine needles can be ordered easily online, or found at many health food stores. Pine Needle Tea can be easily made by soaking pine needles in hot water for a few minutes and then drinking the tea after removing them. If you cannot find pine needles being sold locally, you can order it online from Thailand through the above link.


Fasting has shown to have an incredible effect helping the body with detoxification. If you are suffering from side effects from the vaccine, along with the above protocol we highly recommend reducing your caloric intake at recurring intervals, until you feel 100% again.

There are many different kinds of fasting including: Intermittent Fasting (IF), water fasting (drinking water only), dry fasting, (no food or water), juice fasting (drinking fresh fruit juice only – not store bought) etc. All of these give the body a chance to heal, repair damaged DNA, and detox any toxic RNA.

If you have taken a vaccine, especially an mRNA vaccine, it is integral that you give your body the best change to heal by restricting your caloric intake at regular intervals to fix your internal organs and remove the remnants of the poison inside you.

How to Start Fasting

Not eating 3 times a day is far more healthier than most people think, but due to a lifetime of conditioning can be hard for some people to take on. Start with eating breakfast later, or dinner earlier, or even skipping one or two meals a day completely. If your stomach grumbles just drink a lot of water (or fresh fruit juice) to trick it into thinking you have eaten.

Once you feel comfortable with doing that, try to increase the amount of hours a day you don’t eat, keeping meals within a small window of time or even taking full day breaks between meals once or even a few times a week. Once your body adapts to your new health regiment, you will begin to feel more comfortable existing with a lower caloric intake, you will look and feel better, and have more energy too!

If you’re serious about getting the vaccine poison out of your system, fasting will be a very useful and necessary tool to helping you with the detox, and by utilizing it you will hopefully be able to prolong your life by several years.