Shawn Kuhn – 21 Years Old – US

University of Georgia student is latest near-term Pfizer death that mainstream media call “breakthrough” COVID-19 death

Mr. Shawn Kuhn received his first Pfizer mRNA injection sometime in April, according to CBS 46 News in Atlanta. He received the second shot in May. Mr. Kuhn caught so-called COVID-19 in December 2020. He suffered only minor symptoms before recovering within days. Thus, he had natural immunity for a disease with a 99.7%+ survival rate for people his age. But he received the injections anyway.

Mr. Kuhn allegedly caught “COVID-19-based pneumonia” towards the end of August. His condition progressively deteriorated through September. Mr. Tim Kuhn, Shawn’s father, said his son was “in and out of three hospitals” for the next six weeks. He said Shawn was “losing blood” every day, but doctors had no explanation as to how or where he was losing the blood.

Tim posted a Facebook update on October 10. His son was in the intensive care unit, in a medically-induced coma, and on a ventilator. Note that once a ventilator is utilized, the chances of survival decrease significantly. Shawn was to be transferred to Emory Hospital in Atlanta via Life Flight in the forthcoming days. But he did not survive the night.

Shawn passed away at 2:59 a.m., October 11.

Mélanie Macip – 16 Years Old – France

Entered a vaccine induced coma 2 days after vaccination and died on 7th August 2021,

Pfizer 11th July 2021.

Melanie, a 16 year old student, got her first Pfizer Vaccine on July 11th 2021. She suffered a cardiac arrest just two days later on July 13th. Resuscitation and CPR was immediately started and she was rushed to CHU Montpellier Hospital. She slipped into a coma until she died on August 7th 2021.

Guy Macip, her father, Ms. Olga, her mother, and her brother Frédéric held her cremation on Thursday, August 12th 2021.

Beziers, France

Weverton Silva – 13 Years Old – Brazil

Dies 6 Weeks After Receiving The Pfizer injection.

Weverton Silva, just 13 years old, received his Pfizer Vaccine on August 25th 2021 and suffered multiple symptoms shortly afterwards. He collapsed and died on October 8th 2021 inside a clinic in the urban area of Vale do Anari. His sudden death was a result of a cardiac arrest and is now under investigation.

The shocking video shows doctors and bystanders trying to resuscitate him for several minutes, but he didn’t respond.

His mother, Fernanda Graziela, says her son was vaccinated 44 days before he died. She says “Pray for us and the whole world.”

She has done a Tribute Video to her young son at the end of this clip.

Rondônia, BRAZIL


Aonjira Jaroonroj Na Ayuthaya – 16 Years Old – Thailand

Dies A Week After 2nd Dose Of Pfizer Vaccine, Parents Seek Answers

Aonjira Jaroonroj Na Ayuthaya, a previously healthy and happy girl, was pronounced dead on November 3rd at Lampang Hospital in Lampang Province. Doctors stated lung thrombosis and lung infection as the cause of death. The girl’s parents believe the vaccine is to blame and are calling for an investigation.

The sixteen-year-old received her first dose on October 6th and her second on the 27th of October. Soon after taking the second jab, she developed a fever, which steadily became worse. She began vomiting and was unable to eat and had no energy.

On October 30th, she was having difficulty breathing so her parents took her to hospital, where she was intubated. She was found to have blood clots in both lungs and an infection in her bloodstream. She developed thrombosis in her lungs which led to her death on November 3rd.

Her father and mother cannot think of any reason why she died other than adverse effects of the Pfizer vaccination and are asking the authorities for an investigation into her sudden death.

Joshua Henry – 14 Years Old – Guyana

Dies From Massive Brain Bleed Hours After Receiving Second Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

Joshua Henry got the shot on October 4th. He returned home and complained to his parents about feeling unwell. He collapsed moments later. The emergency number was called and he was rushed to hospital but did not make it as he had passed away upon arrival.

Joshua went by himself on Monday, October 4th to get the vaccine. His father, Justin Henry, said that he had received his shot between 13:00 and 14:00 pm. He was observed for 20 minutes and was allowed to leave as he showed no signs of an adverse reaction. Upon returning home, he complained about pain in his hands, fingers and lips. He collapsed shortly after and was taken to Kumaka Hospital where the 14-year-old was pronounced dead on arrival.

An investigation done by a specialized team from the Guyana Ministry of Health concluded that he had died as a result of a brain aneurysm. The post-mortem was conducted by Government Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh, who found that the teen had suffered massive brain bleeding before his collapse and death. Joshua’s parents also reported seeing a dark color on his skin close to his joints. Samples from his organs have been taken for additional scrutiny abroad.

Sean Hartman – 17 Years Old – Canada

Dies Shortly After Receiving The Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

Sean Hartman, a student at Banting Memorial high school, got the shot at the beginning of September. He unexpectedly passed away at home on September 27th. He died as a result of a heart attack according to this Twitter user. Sean got the vaccine so that he could play hockey in an arena where the vaccine is mandated.

A small protest was staged close to the hockey arena where the 17-year-old was told that he had to be vaccinated in order to enter the arena.

His GoFundMe page read:

“Sean was born on January 31st 2004, and since then there was nothing that Sean was more passionate about than sports, especially hockey as he played his entire life. He started his hockey career playing for the Beeton Stingers and went on to play for TNT in Alliston. Whether watch or play, Sean just loved the game.”

Traian Calancea – 24 Years Old – Italy

Dies 10 Days After Receiving The Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine, Mother Seeks Answers

Traian Calancea, a university student, got the shot on October 10th. He died on Wednesday, October 20th from a cerebral hemorrhage at his home. Traian, of Moldovan origin, leaves both the Moldovan and Romanian communities dismayed, as well as his many Italian friends by his sudden death.

His mother, Svetlana, who found him lifeless in the bathroom, is heartbroken by the sudden death of her son. No one understands how Traian, who was ‘very fit’ with no health issues, died from a cerebral hemorrhage just 10 days after the Pfizer vaccine.

Traian first attended Leonardo Da Vinci scientific high school before going to university where he studied at the faculty of Economics and Commerce. Until Wednesday, he worked and studied at the same time.

His funeral will be held tomorrow in Trento at 2 pm. 


Charlie Zink – 15 Years Old – US

Died 6 Days After receiving the first Pfizer Vaccine injection.

Charlie passed away on June 20th 2021 whilst swimming and enjoying a summer evening with teenage friends, playing from a rope swing at Bedford’s Sebbins Pond. The teen, had just finished his freshman year at Bedford High School.

Charlie’s family wrote: “There are no words to describe the magnitude of the loss of this amazing 15-year-old, or what he meant to all who knew and loved him”.

Charlie was a great athlete, but loved basketball more than anything. He loved to play pickup with his siblings in the backyard under the lights, and he loved to play organized basketball, involved with many teams over his short career, through the town of Bedford, St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral, and Cap City AAU.

He loved watching professional and college basketball on TV and then devouring the stats in the morning news. He dreamed of earning a spot on the BHS varsity team some day, whilst enjoying the clinics he was able to attend during the summer.

New Hampshire, USA

Geoffrey Young – 45 Years Old – US

FBI Special Agent Died Less Than 24 Hours After Receiving The Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine.

Geoffrey Young, an FBI special agent, got the shot on April 17th. Within hours, he had several symptoms including a headache and nausea. His wife checked on him in bed many times because he was rustling around, but he seemed fine, and they thought the side effects were normal. The next time she saw him several hours later, he was blue, and his arm was stretched out hanging off the bed. He wasn’t breathing and he was eventually pronounced dead. ARIZONA, UNITED STATES.

His wife, Ona, said in a video posted on Instagram:

“My husband very much so believed in freedom. So much so that he went to work every day to support our freedoms, and to fight for our freedoms. He trusted science, he went and got his shot. He did before it was told that you have to go get this. And he would giggle at me and tell me ‘Ona, you’re being silly, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it. Millions of people are getting them, and they’re fine. We’re gonna be okay’.”

Elias Georgakopoulos – 15 Years Old – Greece

Died three Days After receiving the first Pfizer Vaccine injection.

Elias, just 15 years old, died 3 days after receiving the Pfizer Vaccine.

He got his jab on September 10th and was found lifeless in his room on Monday, September 13th. The family is seeking answers for the sudden death of the healthy boy.

He was transported to Pan Arcadian General Hospital and despite ‘superhuman efforts’ of doctors to bring him back to life, they didn’t succeed.

His brother, 31-year-old Nikos said: “My brother was a very strong child, he never complained about anything. They were talking in his school about getting the vaccine, so on Friday, he went to get his shot at a Vaccination Center in Tripoli. He came back home and felt fine in the early stages”, an emotional Nikos told reporters at the funeral.

Arcardia, Greece

Arianna – 13 Years Old – Italy

Dies Less Than 24 Hours After Receiving Her Second Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

Arianna, a high school student, got her shot on September 30th. She fell ill shortly after the injection and was rushed to hospital where she died hours later. Lecce’s Public Prosecutor Office is expected to open an investigation into her sudden death.

13-year-old Arianna, who was a first-year student at ‘Banzi’ scientific high school, got her second shot on the morning of Thursday, September 30th. She returned home but fell ill that night around 04:00 am. She was then rushed to the emergency room of Vito Fazzi Hospital where she, despite the best efforts of doctors to save her, died.

The tragic news began to circulate in Trepuzzi on Friday morning, throwing the entire community into despair. Mayor Guiseppi Taurino said:

“Everyone feels pain when a community loses a young life. There are no words to describe the pain of the parents who have to bury their child. The country must gather around the victim’s family and make their solidarity and affection felt, as well as towards the girl’s schoolmates and friends, among whom there is great pain because of this sudden death.”

An autopsy will be performed by Dr. Giovanni Serio, head of Vito Fazzi Hospital and coroner Alberto Tortorella to clarify whether there is a causal relationship between the administration of the second Pfizer vaccine and her cardiac arrest just 24 hours later.

The funeral of Arianna was initially scheduled for this morning but has been postponed to allow the autopsy to take place.

Orlando Ferreira-41 Years Old – US

Dies 9 Days After His Second Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine, Sister Speaks Out

Orlando Ferreira had his first dose on May 6th and his second on May 26th. He suffered kidney failure, blood clots, and heart attacks shortly after. He died on Friday, June 4th. His death certificate says ‘multi-organ failure’ because the doctors dismissed vaccine causation.

His sister, Elisa, said:

“His job was requesting him to get the vaccine because if he came back he would have to quarantine for 14 days and they couldn’t guarantee his position. He was a very responsible young man. He was responsible for his work, he was responsible with his children, he was responsible for his family. So he made that decision (to get the vaccines) based on what the government was telling. That this was safe. That he was gonna be part of the solution. So that we can move forward, right?”