How You Can Help


There are forces at work in our society that are trying to divide us. While we argue and bicker amongst ourselves, there are entities taking advantage of the situation they have created. In 2020 and 2021, the wealth of the world’s Billionaires increases massively, while the vast majority of the worlds’ population has been forced to live under strict and unnecessary new laws, with restrictions on freedom and movement, and on a lower income or with no job at all.

We need to stop fighting among ourselves and focus on the real problems at play in the world today. Greed. Corruption. Propaganda.

If you want to help the situation, you need to start talking to people. Don’t TELL others what to think, but ASK them questions that help them to think for themselves. It can be frustrating when people we care about don’t listen, but we must soldier on regardless. We cannot save everyone, but each of us can save just one life, can stop one person taking an unnecessary risk and possibly dying or becoming permanently disabled, it will have been worth it.

Talk to your friends and families about these topics. You might be surprised at how many people also have the same fears, reservations, and questions that you do. The more people who openly discuss the endemic corruption, lies coming from the media and political puppets, dishonesty with reporting by the media, double speak being used to confuse and manipulate the simple minded, and marketing, bullying and coercion from those who we are supposed to trust and respect, the sooner we can stop this madness.

Know Someone Vaccinadead?

If you have a story to tell about a loved one, especially someone young, who was brainwashed with lies, manipulated with fear, and then murdered by a corrupt system, please contact us and tell us their story. If we can add them to our site, their death might help convince others that these experimental injections are a risk that for many people who are not at risk of death from covid, are not worth taking.

The more information you have on someone who has passed after recently injecting, the better. Recent pictures, their background, and their story about how they came to pass can all be used to showcase to others what risks they are taking by considering partaking in this experiment. Don’t suffer in silence, let us help you speak out to the world about what could happy to them, if they risk their lives with these poisons.